The parents and pupils of SilverLee Stage School have wonderful things to say about the school, the staff and the excellent level of performing arts training acquired there, please read their comments.

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It’s a great atmosphere, time spent not only learning but laughing and having a lot of great fun. If you have a goal you want to reach, Royah will help you reach it.

Cheyenne Mischewski (SilverLee Student)

Tom (12) thoroughly enjoys SilverLee Stage School. He has gained in confidence and Royah’s teaching methods are improving all aspects of his drama, singing AND dance. I can whole-heartily recommend Royah and SilverLee.

Barbara Golby (SilverLee Stage School Parent)

My kids love SilverLee, they have grown in confidence and ability, made some lovely friends and they adore Royah. Royah just seems to get the best out of all the children, even the shy ones and in areas where they lack confidence or ability, she gets to know them all really well and is supportive of what they’re doing outside SilverLee too.

Jo Stead-Burgess parent of Amber Burgess & Nathan McDonald

My 3 year old twins have attended Silverlee for a year now. We went to help strengthen the youngests legs but both girls have gained so much, from dancing technique to making friends & having confidence. To top it all, they adore Miss Royah. I would recommend (& have) to everyone who has children, they will gain so much.

Clare Coleman parent of two Silverlee Students

Royah brings just the right balance between firm, friendly and fun to all her lessons. Firm enough to make sure the children in her school not only pick up the skills necessary to make their talent shine, but disciplined enough to respect her and the level of work and dedication she demands. Friendly enough that every child loves her and wants to work hard for her. Plus fun enough to ensure that they want to return week after week to put in their all. Simply put, she gets the best out of all her pupils. My daughter, especially likes a firm hand pushing her to her best because she knows when she steps out on that stage, whether for show or competition, she can be confident that she’s the best she can be because Royah will have made sure of it.

R. Mischewski parent of a Silverlee Student