Alumni - Lois Gregory

Lois Gregory

I was lucky enough to be taught by Royah for 13 years and the lessons I learnt at Silverlee will stick with me forever! It’s a place where you are encouraged to be yourself, work as a team and push yourself to become the best performer you can be. I can honestly say that if it hadn’t been for Royah and the training I received at Silverlee, I would not have had the opportunity to pursue my dreams further at Italia Conti Academy for college. I am now going into my last year of training at Conti, and I still remember so many things Royah taught me, things I will keep with me forever as they shaped me as a performer.


I spent the entirety of my teenage years training at SilverLee Stage School followed by SilverLee Theatre Company and the classes were the favorite parts of my week.

I went from no dance or singing experience whatsoever and little confidence, to gaining some of the lead roles in our musical pieces and passing dance exams with flying colours in the space of a year. Royah pushes you to be your best and you are taught in such a professional manner.

I made friends for life, and have carried the skills I gained at SilverLee all the way to university, and can honestly say I would not be such a confident Law student if it wasn’t for SilverLee.


It was such a privilege to be taught by Royah and attend SilverLee Stage School. Working and training with Royah I learnt more than performance skills and professionalism, but life lessons I will hold dearly to me forever. The comfortable and supportive environment combined with the love and encouragement for one another is one of a kind. The confidence I have today is largely due to my time at SilverLee and will stay with me as I shape my career.

I am now pursuing contemporary dance studies at University of Roehampton in London. I am so excited to see what the future holds and will never forget what SilverLee and Royah taught me.

Mia Smith

Performers College London

I was part of the Silverlee Stage School family for many years, and have been taught by Royah for 13 years! I will cherish all the friendships, memories and life lessons I gained during my time at Silverlee. I cannot thank all the teachers at Silverlee enough for my training throughout the years, it gave me the tools I needed to pursue my dreams and progress into the industry. During my training I grew in confidence which led me to become the dancer I am today.

I will always recommend Silverlee Stage School, without them I wouldn’t be where I am now, going into my second year of training at Performers College.

Charlie Stonham

Charlie has a super power called Fragile X.

It was such an honour to be part of SilverLee Theatre Company and being taught by Royah!

I have learnt so much from everyone teachers and students because of how been paired as a professional actor for audition film, television and theatre for the future.

Royah has inspired me so much in musical theatre because I enjoyed rehearsals performing them in Hastings Musical Festival, Christmas Carol & Prize Giving Showcase.

When I first started at SilverLee Stage School I remember being shy but my confidence has grown so much as a dancer and performer, and the positive side was performing at White Rock Theatre performer in Hamilton.

I would like to say a big massive thank you to Royah for just being an incredible teacher and for my best choreographers, believing in me to follow my dreams and passion, and students who are supporting me and being kind I have just graduated from Queen Alexandra College In Birmingham West Midlands for four years in BTEC Level 2 Performing and Production Arts. I plan to live in Birmingham full time, of course, I will be a self-employed assistant drama practitioner at Open Theatre Company attending Special Education Needs School in non – verbal physical theatre workshops and attending to Friday groups too.

I’m a Visitor Lecturer at University College Birmingham to raise awareness of autism and dyslexia my experience in educating people who studying health and social care”